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Welcome to Create Your Website Blog Series

A warm welcome to Create Your Website Blog Series from Digital Jacky. It’s the first blog post here on this series, and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what this create your website blog series is all about.

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About Me – Jackson Pathilchirayil (Digital Jacky)

I’ve been creating and developing websites professionally and as part of my agency for more than three years now. And my first website informally was created in 2012 while I was doing my Hotel Management Graduation. The site I made was for my restaurant, which I had planned to open in the future. Due to some unfortunate reasons, I couldn’t start my own business (restaurant). I joined a company as a salaried person and worked there for nearly three years. 

In 2015, I went ahead & did my MBA (Marketing). Together with that, I did some Web Development Training & Digital Marketing Course thinking it might help me in my own business in future.

About My Agency – VNet Digital

In 2017, I & my colleague – Sundip Pal, started It is a Web Design Development & Digital Marketing Agency which has completed three years in the market now. It has become an agency that is favoured by most of the clients in the nearby regions. It is a big brand now and has a name for itself.

What We Did

The agency was the launchpad for our course business through Vnet Academy and different other portals – like,,, etc

We have been explaining the benefits of the website to people for a long time now. Also, we are motivating brick and mortar businesses to get their business online because that’s where the future market is going to be. 

We also have conducted some Free Seminars on Web Development & Digital Marketing for students as a career choice in the future because of the ever-growing market.

We always wished of many things like – What if I had planted a tree 20 years back. But the second-best time is now. Similarly, The best time to start creating your website / a blog was at least 3-5 years back. But the second-best time is now. 

Businesses have a practice of making sales by the old traditional method of offline marketing and brick and mortar store. And it’s challenging to motivate them to take the online business seriously. 

The Most Dangerous phrase in the language is, “we’ve always done this way.” 

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

Your life won’t get better by chance; It will get better only by a Change, which has to be done today by YOU. If you are reading this post right now, there is a high chance that you do not have an online business yet. But you may have the interest to know how to get the company online and how you can create your website.

Project – Create your Website or Blog Series

Create your Website Blog Series as a project was born because I wanted to show people how to create your website/blog from scratch and grow it to increase your business. You can check the series of blogs where you can start from zero and become a hero. You can get business online and pull the traffic to convert it to revenue.

Create your website blog series would put in detail in the blog on all topics. Also, It would show 100% behind the scenes and the steps and screenshots. On what and how to create your site & do the development. It might take a bit more length for you, but it is just a matter of time. If you do everything that we do, you will also start getting results as we get.

We will be guiding you with all the necessary details and the tools we used. Pretty much everything that we do (except showing the process of writing content and taking screenshots like this where I am sitting on my sofa and writing) is 100% transparent.

I hope it inspires you to start your online business and build your website/blog and build a brand starting today.

Thank you for reading the first post of this series, and stay tuned for updates!

Jackson Pathilchirayil

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